Darkness Descends

It has been 35 years since the Invincible Overlord’s orc army defeated Good King Omund’s Dragon Phalanx. The Invincible Overlord now rules from his floating castle high above Alexandria. He has outlawed the gods of Man, and destroyed all armies that stand in his way.

All now swear fealty.

It is a time of chaos for a lawless land. A time in need of heroes!


The high elves of the Great Wode pay tribute with ancient artifacts they plunder from the fey wild and celestial cities. In order to worship their gods they plunder from the gods of Man and the very Silvian lords they serve.


The Dwarves of Kharndural pay tribute in the slaves they abduct from those foolish enough to travel the roads unescorted. They do not like this deal with the Overlord, but lack the power… or the will… to rebel.


Dalrath, Bedegar, and Tor – the baronies of men are isolated and outnumbered. They desperately fight a losing battle against the encroaching wilderness. Most recently the Baron of Bedegar has been murdered by a raiding Orc tribe.

Law dies… chaos thrives.