Darkness Descends

It has been 35 years since the Invincible Overlord’s orc army defeated Good King Omund’s Dragon Phalanx. The Invincible Overlord now rules from his floating castle high above Alexandria. He has outlawed the gods of Man, and destroyed all armies that stand in his way.

All now swear fealty.

It is a time of chaos for a lawless land. A time in need of heroes!

Elemental Evils

The scattered town, cities, and castles of Esteria face a dire threat. Cults devoted to the four elements seek to summon great elemental creatures and unleash them upon the land.

As an elemental apocalypse grows nearer chaos reigns.

Teeth of the Dragon

A mysterious party is seeking to gather the Teeth of the Dragon. Legend says when all of these ancient elvish blades are assembled they summon a terrible and powerful dragon.

Who is collecting these artifacts? And for what purpose?


Men… mankind. They can’t leave well enough alone. They always have to meddle. Trying to gain as much power as possible in their short little lives. Politics is always such a volatile process.