Alexandria was once a great kingdom situated on its own island off the coast of Tavalia. Ever since the arrival of men the kingdom has been largely ruled and populated by humans. Recently the kingdom has been thrown into turmoil when the Invincible Overlord overthrew the Good King Omund. It has been 50 of oppressive reign under the Invincible Overlord.

The Island

The island of Alexandria sits off the western shore of Tavalia. The two kingdoms have been long time rivals ever since Lord Welhiem left Tavalia and first conquered Alexandria. The island has a diverse population and unique geographic features.

The Great Wode

The largest forest in Alexandria is also home to the Grove of the Gods. The Eladrin (High Elves) make their home here. Though humans very rarely enter the forest it is said to be beautiful and full of whimsy.

Barony of Dalrath

One of the remaining pockets of civilization the Barony of Dalrath sits behind a vast mountain range in the north of Alexandria. Lord Bertram is the Baron of Dalrath.

Barony of Bedegar

Sitting in the southeast of Alexandria, Bedegar is the largest trading port in all of Alexandria. Recently the Baron of Bedegar has been killed and a regent by the name of Lord Saxton has taken over. As a result there is a lot of turmoil in this region.

The Grey Moore

The four major rivers in Alexandria empty into the Grey Moore. Since the Invincible Overlord overthrew the king this area has been overtaken by Gnolls.

The Ruby Desert

The Ruby Desert has not always been a wasteland of red sand. Before the Invincible Overlord this area was the Barony of Oll. Shortly after the king was overthrown the Queen of Brass attacked the Invincible Overlord and her castle fell to this area. Having a strong connection to the Plane of Fire the area around the castle turned to red sand and the Queen raised a mountain range to protect herself from the wilderness.

Black Forest

The Black Forest has long had a connection with evil, even before the Invincible Overlord. During the times of Good King Omund the Baronies of Man were able to keep the evil forces working within the forest at bay. Now that the king has fallen the evil in the forest has a new chance to spread.

The Wilds

The horse riders of the Wilds are several tribes of barbarian horse lords. They are unpredictable and know only a life of warfare. With the kingdom being overthrown the horse lords have truly become a wildcard.

The Barony of Tor

Situated in the southwest of Alexandria, Tor contends the most with the encroaching wilderness since the kingdom was overthrown. Due to this Tor has the largest standing army. The Riders of Tor are a group of knights and horsemen that patrol the Barony and protect the surrounding area. Recently a village in the north of Tor was attacked by the orcs of the Black Forest.

The Beowode

The wood elves of the Beowode keep to themselves. While they did not make the same deal with the Invincible Overlord to keep their religion they enjoy the same benefits and suffer the same prejudices because of what the high elves in the Great Wode have done.