Halia Thorton

The guildmaster at the Phandalin Miners Exchange, Halia spends most of her time buying and selling gems and valuable ores that the miners near Phandalin find. She is the de facto records office for the town. She wished the Redband Ruffians to be disbanded so she can take control of the town.

Having found a group of adventurers to help her out with the Redbands, Halia has taken up residency in Tresendar Manor. She's proclaimed herself mayor and hired a group of mercenaries as the town's guard. Since she no longer needs a townmaster to serve as the law of the town Harbin has left town looking for work. She has also taken ownership of the Sleeping Giant and undercut all of Toblen's prices. Between this and imposing taxes on all the local businesses she is starting to amass quite an amount of wealth.

Sir Xerex

The Lawgiver

As a member of the Dragon Phalanx, Xerex is hunted by the Invincible Overlord just for being a symbol of a more lawful time. The Dragon Phalanx served as the King's personal bodyguard, but had many other responsibilities such as being shock troops in battle and traveling the land as representation of the King's law.

Each member of the order has a title bestowed on them, and Xerex's title is "The Lawgiver" for his acts in bringing law to the remote towns of Alexandria. The citizens of these small remote towns love Xerex and would be willing to stand in his defense against the agents of the Invincible Overlord.

Xerex heard of the troubles that Conyberry was facing and decided to travel there to see what he could do to help the town.


Pinna never studied magic in a formal setting, but rather studied under a series of tutors. After honing her skills as a wizard she traveled with Daran on his adventures. Pinna has always had an interest in the dark arts of necromancy. Studies into the dark arts of life and death are not taken too well by society so Pinna avoided them until recently. Her studies of the dark arts have left Pinna as an outcast, she often doesn't go near larger towns or cities, preferring the countryside and villages. Recently she has taken residency in Old Owl Well tower, a half destroyed tower outside of the village of Conyberry.


Tace is a wizard of advanced years. He once served on Good King Omund's court. After the war with the Invincible Overlord he traveled to Capital and became an instructor at the Academy of the Arcane. Many wizards studied under Tace, but as times grew more troublesome in Alexandria he was summoned back by the baron of Bedegar, Taebold.

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Iarno has been a long time cohort of Tace. They first met at the Academy of the Arcane where they were both instructors. When Tace was called back to Alexandria by Taeobald he asked Iarno to come with him. Now Iarno offers his services to the people of Bedegar. There is much work for a wizard in such troubling times. Iarno was called in by the townmaster of Phandalin to deal with the Redband Ruffians, but shortly after coming to town the wizard went missing.

Sildar Hallwinter

Sildar Hallwinter is a kindhearted human male of nearly fifty years who holds a place of honor in the famous cavalry of the Barony of Tor.  After the war with the Invincible Overlord Sildar settled down in Bedegar. As an accomplished warrior he found work quickly.

Sildar met Gundren Rockseeker in the City of Bedegar Keep and agreed to help him with his business venture in Phandalin. Sildar wants to assist Gundren in reopening the old mine, and help restore Phandalin to a civilized center of wealth and prosperity.

Gundren Rockseeker

Gundren Rockseeker is eldest of the Rockseeker brothers. He has the heart of an adventurer but the head for commerce. Always ready with a genuine laugh and listening ear, he’s a dwarfs dwarf. With his brothers, Nundro and Tharden, formed the Three Picks Delving Co. years ago and they have parlayed success after success into a thriving mining, salvage, and treasure finding operation.

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