Bedegar Thieves Guild

Hidden in the city’s Warrens district the guild conducts its business in secret. Primarily concerned with smuggling and spying Cleaver and his thieves use the city’s sewers to their advantage.

Priests of St. Ajax

These “priests” have been present in the Bedegar area for months now. Rumors have it that the group are responsible for the baron’s death and the disappearance of spell casters.

Dragon Phalanx

The Dragon Phalanx has served as the King’s bodyguard for many centuries. Originally created in a wizard’s lab the dragon knights know no other purpose but serving the king and the feudal system. The Dragon Phalanx has been used to keep the peace, serve as the shock troops in the King’s army, and be a symbol of law and order.

While the order itself is a knighthood there are many different types of dragon knights. Some are scholars, scribes, and sages. Others are knights, clerics, and fighters. Each knight of the order is given a title. This title defines the knight’s purpose in life.

Since the fall of Alexandria the order has worked to bring what law and order they can to a wild realm. The knights of the Dragon Phalanx are respected among the citizens of Alexandria, but are also favored targets for bounty hunters and agents working for the Invincible Overlord.