Sword of Stars

As One of the Teeth of the Dragon, the Sword of Stars was forged by the elves to entomb the spirit of an ancient and terrifying dragon. The elves made seven "teeth". Legend says that if all the teeth are brought together it will summon a powerful dragon.

The Teeth of the Dragon are so ancient that not much is known about them, but it is said they are the first items to be infused with magic.

The Sword of Stars appears to be a void filled with the stars of the night sky. It was forged of a dark obsidian with flakes of mythril added during the forging process.

The Sword of Stars can be attuned to by any class.

The Sword of Stars has a +1 bonus to hit and to damage.

Shield of Alexandria

Once a badge of the highest office of the land. Each king of Alexandria would carry this shield with them. When the Good King Omund was defeated by the agents of the Invincible Overlord the shield was put into hiding.

+1 shield (+3 AC overall when wielded)

Staff of Power

The Staff of Power comes from a time long before man arrived, when Dwarves ruled the world. The staff was forged of a very heavy and hard metal, adamantine. On the staff is printed in Dwarvish “Power of Ord be with you”.

The staff can be attuned to by a sorcerer, wizard, or warlock.

This staff can be wielded as a magic quarterstaff that grants a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it.