Session 2

20th of Leafing, 1383 Era of Man

With two paths to explore Rymus goes down one and finds the goblin bivouac, he decides to report back to the party and check the other path. Just on the other side of the incline Rymus finds the room where the goblin leader, a bugbear named Klarg, resides. A fight breaks out when Thoradin alerts Klarg to the party’s presence. Klarg storms toward the party and blocks his only support from helping him. The party quickly gangs up on the bugbear and as he tries to escape take down Klarg with an arrow in the back. The other goblin quickly fires his arrow and flees down the chimney to warn the others. Continue reading “Session 2”

Session 1

20th of Leafing, 1383 Era of Man

Gundren barges into the inn and asks the travelers to help find his travel companion, Sildar.
Gundren pledges 50 gp to find his travel companion, and Linene the owner of Lionshield Coster who also had supplies on the wagon pledges 50 gp to return her supplies. Linene states info on the supplies without their return is only worth 15gp.

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