Session 8

23rd of Firebirth, 1383 Era of Man

Several priests with large growths on their head begin to restrain the party. At first it appears the party is about to be captured when Byron is able to break free and Rymus wakes up as his attackers are tying him up. They begin waking up the other party members and Rhogar, Rymus, and Mara are able to find some cover and hide. The priests get split up and eventually start losing members. Three priests end up fleeing, but one is captured by the party.

During their interrogation the spore growth on the priests head gives off a cloud of spores that allows Byron to communicate telepathically with the colony. He was able to hear all of the sounds of the forest as well as a commanding voice saying “capture”. Under all the sounds he was also able to hear a faint cry for help.

Rymus also attempts to learn more from the captured priest. After attempting his interrogation the priest says “Ajax” and the spore on its head explodes rendering him brain dead. The group then decides to leave, but first Rhogar collects a few mushrooms that caused them to fall asleep and burns the bodies.

As they are leaving the forest they follow a stream and find a white horse with a long golden mane. Rhogar attempts to speak with the creature. He finds that it is far more intelligent than he’s expecting. It tells them that it has been keeping track of the priests in the forest and that it has been sent to deliver a message. Before Rhogar is able to find out exactly what that message is the creature turns its head revealing a horn on its head that glows brightly just before the unicorn disappears.

Rhogar ends up finding a note in a bottle where the unicorn was drinking from the stream. He sees the note is for Mara and hands it to her. While she is reading the note Byron asks if Rhogar can talk to his horse for him. Rhogar is able to communicate with the horse and find out it likes apples and its name is Josiah.

After leaving the forest the group arrives at Phandalin just after dinner time. They head to Stonehill Inn and get some food and drink. There they see a family in the corner table. They approach and find out they are refugees from Orlane. The father of the family speaks with them in private and tells them that the town made a deal with a mysterious man to solve their missing person problem. The deal they made had them giving this mysterious man all of their dead. The town wasn’t happy about making the decision but ultimately agreed to those terms and began exhuming bodies the next day. The family fled because they had an elderly grandfather who was not feeling well and they did not want his body being taken.

Mara also discovers that Gundren is drinking by himself and seems to be very upset about something. She’s able to find out he was recently robbed. She plans to launch an investigation the next day, and Rymus is a prime suspect.

24th of Firebirth, 1383 Era of Man

Rhogar investigates the mushroom spores he collected in the forest and determines they are not of this world. He decides the library in the City of Bedegar Keep may be the best resource.

Byron and Rymus head out the next morning to gather their pay for taking care of the goblins. They speak with Sildar who has had a hero’s welcome since he returned and is now in charge of the town guard. He tells them that Halia has taken over all contracts and they should see her for the pay. Sildar also asks them if they found any map at Cragmaw Fort. Byron lets him know they did and he asks that they give it to Gundren.

Mara and Thoradin launch an investigation into the robbery of Gundren. As they investigate the room they can’t find any evidence of the room being broken into. They do notice a weird smell in the window sill. Thoradin thinks this may be related to the arcane. They ask if anyone had motives to steal and Gundren doesn’t think anyone would do this. He does finally note that Halia would stand to lose the most by a mine being opened up nearby. Mara and Thoradin decide to head to Halia’s new house.

Session 7

11th of Firebirth, 1383 Era of Man

After devising a plan to assault the keep the group put their plan to action. Mara threw the oil and torch but didn’t manage to get it directly in the doorway. Pinna cast invisibility on Rymus and he began exploring from the side door. The alarm bells sounded and the hobgoblin forces gathered. As the leader and a small force of hobgoblin’s approached the group readied. Rhogar’s flaming sphere was a great help in taking care of the hobgoblin ranks. As the group entered the fort they met the Hobgoblin caster Olgin. After dispatching of most of the spearmen, Olgin let out a fireball that nearly killed Byron and Xerex. The party was able to finish Olgin but the leader, Golur, managed to escape.

After the battle the group explored a little and Rymus alerted the rest of the party to a locked door in the corner of the fort. After reading the sign it was apparent there was an owlbear on the other side. Rhogar spoke with the owlbear using his druidic powers. The owlbear had been locked in the room when the goblins moved in. It had been slowly starving. Rhogar worked out a deal with it to allow it to feast its captors. After a long struggle with the locked door the owlbear and Byron were able to break down the door. The owlbear filled its belly and retreated to the woods. After burning the bodies and resting for the night the group readied to leave the fort. Sildar was heading back to Phandalin, Pinna was heading north to find a new place to lay low for a while, and the adventurers headed back to Conyberry to train for a week.

20th of Firebirth, 1383 Era of Man

During the week of training they met a ranger in town who had just come from the woods around the Grove of the Ancients. He told Byron that there was some disease in the forest that seemed to be turning the entire environment sick. After their training concludes the group decides to investigate.

23rd of Firebirth, 1383 Era of Man

They enter the forest and find a split in the path that Rhogar is not familiar with. They decide to go down the path that is unknown to them hoping to find the cause of the disease in the forest. After traveling down the new path for some time they start to feel quite sleepy. Half of the group falls asleep in the middle of the path and figures approach from the hillside on their right.

Session 6

8th of Firebirth, 1383 Era of Man

After a couple more days of training an Orc raiding group makes its way through the forest toward the tower. Rhogar is injured but makes his escape. The group at the tower is able to warn those at the Inn and finally the Orcs arrive at the tower. The group is able to defend the tower and eliminate all of the Orcs. They are not able to find out much about their origins other than they come from north of the Grove of the Ancients.

11th of Firebirth, 1383 Era of Man

Having completed their week of training the group meets in the temple to attend a ceremony to induct Byron into the Champions of the Noble Heart. The group is then given the Shield of Alexandria and Arcturus, Sword of Stars, to keep hidden from the agents of the Invincible Overlord. Xerex hearing that the shield has been given to Byron swears fealty to him in order to keep the shield safe. Xerex takes on the title of Protector of the Shield Bearer.

The group leaves town heading northeast to Cragmaw Keep. On their way they come upon one of the elvish standing stones a small obelisk the elves use for traveling, and now many travelers uses as a distance marker.

Finally they reach the keep and find a camp of goblin women and children just outside the main entrance of the keep. They thoroughly scout the keep and find an entrance on the side of the keep. They lay plans for their assault…

Session 5

2nd of Firebirth, 1383 Era of Man

The group decides to train for a week while waiting for the attack on Pinna. They setup shifts to take watch and train so the tower is well guarded at all times.

3rd of firebirth, 1383 Era of Man

On the night of the 3rd of Firebirth Rymus decides to rob the general store in town. Rymus is barely able to recoup his investment when a dense fog rises from the ground all around town. Continue reading “Session 5”

Session 4

30th of Leafing, 1383 Era of Man

Having missed their opportunity to confront Morlun, the group decides to search his workshop and quarters thoroughly, they find gold, gems, and a book. The book is a journal from a dwarf who lived long ago. It details the Phandelver Pact a deal struck between Dwarves and Gnomes back during the Age of Dwarves. The pact allowed both groups access to the Wave Echo Cave, a cave rich in gems, gold, silver, and magic.

As the party exits the Redband hideout they find a city under siege by a goblin raiding party. Continue reading “Session 4”

Session 3

30th of Leafing, 1383 Era of Man

Harbin quiets the crowd and gives a short speech about lost loved ones someday finding their way home by the light of the beacons released this night. The crowd slowly releases beacons into the night sky. Rymus takes advantage of the distraction and picks the pocket of a nearby citizen. Rhogar sees this but says nothing for now. As the crowd disperses the party notices a group of the Redband Ruffians are on the edge of the crowd and had took part in the festival. Rymus tails them as they head back to the Sleeping Giant. Rymus looks into the window and sees a celebration. He reports back to the group and they decide this is their chance to find M. Continue reading “Session 3”

Session 2

20th of Leafing, 1383 Era of Man

With two paths to explore Rymus goes down one and finds the goblin bivouac, he decides to report back to the party and check the other path. Just on the other side of the incline Rymus finds the room where the goblin leader, a bugbear named Klarg, resides. A fight breaks out when Thoradin alerts Klarg to the party’s presence. Klarg storms toward the party and blocks his only support from helping him. The party quickly gangs up on the bugbear and as he tries to escape take down Klarg with an arrow in the back. The other goblin quickly fires his arrow and flees down the chimney to warn the others. Continue reading “Session 2”

Session 1

20th of Leafing, 1383 Era of Man

Gundren barges into the inn and asks the travelers to help find his travel companion, Sildar.
Gundren pledges 50 gp to find his travel companion, and Linene the owner of Lionshield Coster who also had supplies on the wagon pledges 50 gp to return her supplies. Linene states info on the supplies without their return is only worth 15gp.

Continue reading “Session 1”