A small and simple town, Conyberry sits just outside the borders of Bedegar. Conyberry is a farming community and often exports their crops to Bedegar. The town itself consists only of a shop, an inn, a temple, and a few houses. Just outside of town sits the Old Owl Well Tower. The town has a small cemetery near the tower.

When the Invincible Overlord outlawed the gods of man the hawk lords came to town and desecrated the Temple of Ilmater.

Festival of Lights

Not too long before the rule of the Good King Omund there was another king of Alexandria, his name was Rodgar. He lost his daughter when she was just a child. He decided to gather his court and hold a ceremony where they lit small floating beacons made of parchment. They sent the beacons up into the night sky to help the King’s daughter find her way home.

Now many years later the people of Alexandria still gather to light the beacons and send them into the night sky. Each person lights their beacon for someone in their life who is missing and never been found. Each year thousands of beacons are sent into the sky to help those who are missing find their way back home and light the darkness on their path.

Staff of Power

The Staff of Power comes from a time long before man arrived, when Dwarves ruled the world. The staff was forged of a very heavy and hard metal, adamantine. On the staff is printed in Dwarvish “Power of Ord be with you”.

The staff can be attuned to by a sorcerer, wizard, or warlock.

This staff can be wielded as a magic quarterstaff that grants a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it.


Tace is a wizard of advanced years. He once served on Good King Omund's court. After the war with the Invincible Overlord he traveled to Capital and became an instructor at the Academy of the Arcane. Many wizards studied under Tace, but as times grew more troublesome in Alexandria he was summoned back by the baron of Bedegar, Taebold.

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Iarno has been a long time cohort of Tace. They first met at the Academy of the Arcane where they were both instructors. When Tace was called back to Alexandria by Taeobald he asked Iarno to come with him. Now Iarno offers his services to the people of Bedegar. There is much work for a wizard in such troubling times. Iarno was called in by the townmaster of Phandalin to deal with the Redband Ruffians, but shortly after coming to town the wizard went missing.

Sildar Hallwinter

Sildar Hallwinter is a kindhearted human male of nearly fifty years who holds a place of honor in the famous cavalry of the Barony of Tor.  After the war with the Invincible Overlord Sildar settled down in Bedegar. As an accomplished warrior he found work quickly.

Sildar met Gundren Rockseeker in the City of Bedegar Keep and agreed to help him with his business venture in Phandalin. Sildar wants to assist Gundren in reopening the old mine, and help restore Phandalin to a civilized center of wealth and prosperity.

Session 2

20th of Leafing, 1383 Era of Man

With two paths to explore Rymus goes down one and finds the goblin bivouac, he decides to report back to the party and check the other path. Just on the other side of the incline Rymus finds the room where the goblin leader, a bugbear named Klarg, resides. A fight breaks out when Thoradin alerts Klarg to the party’s presence. Klarg storms toward the party and blocks his only support from helping him. The party quickly gangs up on the bugbear and as he tries to escape take down Klarg with an arrow in the back. The other goblin quickly fires his arrow and flees down the chimney to warn the others. Continue reading “Session 2”


Thousands of years ago, clans of dwarves and gnomes made an agreement known as the Phandelver's Pact, by which they would share a rich mine in a wondrous cavern known as Wave Echo Cave. In addition to its mineral wealth, the mine contained great magical power. Human spellcasters allied themselves with the dwarves and gnomes to channel and bind that energy into a great forge (called the Forge of Spells), where magic items could be crafted. Times were good, and the nearby human town of Phandalin (pronounced fan-duh-lin) prospered as well.

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Session 1

20th of Leafing, 1383 Era of Man

Gundren barges into the inn and asks the travelers to help find his travel companion, Sildar.
Gundren pledges 50 gp to find his travel companion, and Linene the owner of Lionshield Coster who also had supplies on the wagon pledges 50 gp to return her supplies. Linene states info on the supplies without their return is only worth 15gp.

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