Races of Ordnum

Common Races


The race colloquially known an Man is a relative newcomer to Ordum having first shown up during the Great Merge. Humans with their short lifespans are known for their innovation and versatility. They also reproduce much faster than the other sentient races of Ordnum, which allowed them to quickly conquer the world. However they have many different Kingdoms that are constantly in conflict.


The fairest of the races of Ordnum, the elves don’t spend much of their time in the mortal realm but instead inhabit the fey wild. The time they do spend in the mortal realm is typically spent pursuing a trade or knowledge. While not immortal elves live for centuries, sometimes even a millennia. Because of the nature of their long lifespans, elves are set in their traditions and do not spend much time innovating and their history is mostly oral.


There was a time before the Great Merge when dwarves ruled Ordnum. In fact Ordnum is named after the greatest of the dwarves, Ord. Dwarves live between two and three centuries and are stubborn in nature. Due to this they are set in their ways and don’t often innovate, however their crafting prowess is second to none. When the humans came to Ordnum the dwarves fled to the mountains for the most part.


Originally the decedents of gnomes and dwarves, halflings are now their own race. Halflings live very different lives depending on where they are found. On the continent of Andlis halflings are an agrarian people, whereas on Alexandria they are a nomadic people.

Uncommon Races


Dragonborn are not a race that is natural to the material world. The only known Dragonborn that exist are creations of wizards in Alexandria. Dragonborn created in this way are sterile, but live much longer than the average human. The Invincible Overlord has outlawed Dragonborn in Alexandria and many have fled or been hunted down by the overlord’s servants.


The elvish deities have forbidden elves from mixing with humans, but many elves still fall in love with humans. If an elf wants to be with a human they must petition their gods and make a sacrifice — often their long lifespan — to be with the one they love. When a child is produced from this union they must make a decision when they come of age, live a mortal life among the humans or live in grace for the rest of their days as an elf. Once an elvish bloodline is tainted each descendant must make this choice.


Orcs would never spoil their bloodlines with weak human genetics. However the Invincible Overlord has seen that combining the Orc’s fury and rage with a human’s cunning can produce and effective army. As such he has had his wizards create him an army of Half-Orcs that will help him in conquering the world.

Forgotten and Unknown Races


During the Age of Dwarves gnomes were commonplace, but since humans came to the mortal realm Gnomes have gone extinct. Gnomes have not been seen on Ordum now for a few centuries.


Every once in a while a devil bestows a curse upon a bloodline and the descendants of that family are born with some devil blood in them. This transforms them to look like a devil and have a connection to the Nine Hells.