A Kingdom Divided

Tavalia recently lost its king and the heir to the throne is only 10 years old. Young Franque is being helped by his mother the Queen Regent, but there is growing support for his uncle Bouchart to take the throne.


Gallo is the duchy at the seat of the throne of Tavalia, it lies to the west and is primarily desert and savanna.


In the north of Tavalia lies the duchy of Vlaanderen. The lowlands of the North Moor makes Vlaanderen a less than ideal territory to rule over.


In the east of Tavalia is the duchy of Bourgogne. The highlands at the foot of the Cloudspire mountains make this duchy an easily defensible position.


In the south of Tavalia is the duchy of Toulouse. The inhabitants of this wooded area have long mixed with the elves of the Awakened Wode. The primary race there is now half-elf and Toulouse is often an outcast among the duchies.